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Both my daughter and I study with Pokie. He is a wonderful teacher and has helped us both enjoy playing and challenge ourselves. -Alexander K.

Playing piano always seemed so awesome, yet unattainable. Finally, when my daughter turned 6, I decided she and I will learn together. We tried several teachers, but with mixed results. Luckily our neighbor introduced us to Pokie and piano instantly became a family hobby.

My daughter and I have very different learning styles, yet Pokie is able to adop his style to teach us both. He is ever so patient with my now 7 year old. Insider tip – Pokie’s dog Freckles is the cutest pug in the world and her visits are the strongest incentive for the young aspiring pianists. -Maria B.

Pokie has been a brilliant piano teacher for my 7-year old son.  He is highly patient, encouraging, and engaging, and makes learning fun and interesting for a young child.  At the same time, Pokie is a consummate professional and strikes the right balance of structure and method to keep my son moving forward.  He always makes time to share feedback at the end of lessons, and has been wonderful at adapting the amount of material covered as we go — incorporating more challenging pieces when he feels my son is ready, and slowing down the pace whenever needed.  Pokie also makes piano learning more accessible and rewarding for my son by incorporating familiar/contemporary pieces among the method books.  Under Pokie’s tutelage and guidance, my son has grown to play beautiful music, learned to read music notation, and established a consistent and achievable practice routine.  We are so pleased with our child’s progress over the past 1.5 years and consider ourselves very lucky to have found Pokie!  We cannot recommend him highly enough! -Aparna R.

My children ages 13, 8 and 11 had never played the piano when Pokie took them on as students.  Pokie was able to fully engage them right from the start.  He is extremelykind, patient and engaging.  He makes every lesson fun for them allowing them to progress quickly and they look forward to the next lesson.  They have made so much progress in the short time they have been playing the piano and I attribute it 100% to Pokie’s outstanding abilities as an instructor. – Denise S.

My three boys have been taking lessons with Pokie since September 2013.  He has been very patient and they have made good progress.  The most amazing thing is that he has changed my oldest boy’s attitude about piano.  He used to really hate it and it became a very problematic part of our lives.  Now he still doesn’t like to practice but I think that under Pokie’s patient coaching, he is beginning to enjoy the music and is happy that he is improving.  Pokie made me aware that my middle child didn’t know how to read music.  I hadn’t even realized this important point! I have been very happy with having Pokie as my children’s piano teacher. – Kathy V.

My two sons started piano lessons with Pokie 2 years ago. Prior to Pokie, they both had 2 years of piano experience; private lessons as well as group classes in Lucy Moses Kaufman-Center.  After this initial exposure to piano, they showed minimum progress and even less interest in continuing lessons. Pokie has changed their attitude toward music lessons dramatically; he has provided a structured learning environment without sacrificing patience. He has improved their technique, music theory and finger placement.  Furthermore, he has gone through great lengths to ensure successful lesson follow through by even providing video tips and intra-lesson commentary on self-recorded audio/video clips.   With his constant encouragement, he has bolstered not only their musical abilities, but also their self-confidence.  One of my sons eagerly anticipates each school talent show as a forum to demonstrate his developing musical talents.  -Evelyn H.

Pokie is a wonderful music teacher. He is patient, focused, dedicated to the student’s progress and enjoyment of music. Pokie is teaching my daughter, my son and even myself and we could not be happier. We highly recommend him. – Judith D.