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Not your typical cookie-cutter approach to lessons.
I tailor lessons to every student’s individual
learning style and musical goals.

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    Pokie is a patient, focused, and dedicated music teacher who has been instructing my daughter, son, and me. We are all extremely happy with the progress and enjoyment we've gained from his lessons. We highly recommend him.

    Judith D.

    My two sons began piano lessons with Pokie two years ago after minimal progress with previous instructors. Pokie's structured yet patient teaching style transformed their attitude toward music, significantly improving their technique, music theory, and finger placement. He goes the extra mile by providing video tips and feedback on self-recorded clips. This constant encouragement has boosted both their musical abilities and self-confidence. One son now eagerly anticipates school talent shows to showcase his skills.

    Evelyn H.

    My children, ages 13, 8, and 11, had no prior piano experience before starting lessons with Pokie. He immediately engaged them with his kind, patient, and fun teaching approach, leading to quick progress and a love for lessons. Their advancement in a short time is entirely due to Pokie’s exceptional instruction.

    Denise S.

    My three boys have been taking lessons with Pokie since Fall 2013. Even with the transition to Zoom lessons from California, their progress has been remarkable. My older son, now heading to university, still enjoys playing, and my younger boys play with great musicality. Pokie excels at teaching both children and adults and even offers pug advice!

    Kathy V.

    Both my daughter and I study piano with Pokie. He is an excellent teacher who has helped us enjoy playing and challenge ourselves. We are very happy with his instruction.

    Alexander K.

    Learning piano with my daughter, who started at age 6, was a family endeavor that became enjoyable once we found Pokie. He adapts his teaching to our different learning styles and remains patient with my now 7-year-old. Pokie's dog Freckles is an adorable bonus that motivates young learners.

    Maria B.

    Pokie has been a fantastic piano teacher for my 7-year-old son, making lessons fun and engaging while maintaining professional structure. He provides feedback, adapts the material to my son's pace, and incorporates familiar pieces to make learning enjoyable. Under Pokie's guidance, my son has made significant progress in music notation and practice routine over 1.5 years. We highly recommend him.

    Aparna R.

    Pokie has been teaching my daughter for seven years, including the past two years online after we moved to New Jersey. Despite the distance, my daughter has continued to improve, performing in recitals and excelling in RCM exams. Pokie's exceptional teaching keeps her motivated and practicing consistently. She even composes her own music now, thanks to Pokie.

    Vandana P.

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